Weight Loss Surgery Is NOT The Easy Way Out

“You took the easy way out”

“You cheated by having weight loss surgery”

“Just stop eating”

“Why couldn’t you just eat right and exercise?”

“You don’t need surgery. Eating high carb, low fat helped me and it can help you too”

Those statements really frustrated me a lot because eating right and exercising alone doesn’t fix food addiction. Food addiction is mental and surgery doesn’t automatically fix that. I lost weight…but I still struggle with food addiction. Surgery isn’t easy when I can only eat 4 ounces of food at a time, and that certain foods will come back up if it doesn’t agree with me. I can’t eat citrus foods, hard boiled eggs, drink tomato juice, eat fibrous foods…the list goes on. Even coffee is a no-no for some. I drink it in moderation because it’s dehydrating and can irritate my pouch. Surgery isn’t easy when I can’t eat certain things. I seriously wish people would stop saying I cheated and that WLS is the easy way out because it isn’t. Far from it. I had people trying to talk me out of surgery, suggesting procedures that weren’t even covered by my insurance and that I didn’t have the money for. If a person doesn’t agree with WLS, that’s fine…but don’t get nasty and rude about it.

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