Updates…and I have a story to tell.

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. I’ve been busy with my new job at Patmark as a cashier. The hardest job I’ve ever did! Keeping my till(cash drawer) from going over or under a certain amount each day hasn’t been easy. I’ve been written up twice for my till being under(that neans that my till was short on cash). I’ve corrected those mistakes and moved on from there.

I no longer use that F’ed up Premio Pentium IIx2 processor(the black clunky ones). The power button broke and I can’t turn it on. So all of my data is temporarily unreachable. Last month, I went to http://www.dell.cpom and purchased an Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook with Windows XP Home Edition already installed. It works 1000 times better than that old clunker I had. I got so darn tired of rewriting my hard drive to zeroes and catching virus after virus, Trojans and who knows what else?

I just recied my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe. Cleaning it up is a chore, but the juice that it gives is worth it!

My mother and I are no longer speaking. When she realized that her abusive past caught up to her, she backed off and stopped calling me. My mother wanted custody of him…but she didn’t count on me telling CPS about her abusive past. \You see, Ezra(my son) is autistic. His condition requires him to be under constant supervision. He can’t be left alone for a second or else he’ll wander off and get into trouble or worse. I couldn’t provide him with what he needed.

I was phyisically, emotionally, mentally, and psychogically EXHAUSTED from taking care of him. I was mean to him and that wasn’t right. It came to the point where CPS came and took me away from my home. I came back later that day, but was forced to go back. I hated that shelter. I cried all the time, and kept everyone at a distance. My son didn’t handle it well at all. He threw horrendous screaming fits and I had to constantly hold him back so he wouldn’t wander off and hurt himself.

By the second day, I was so exhausted and burned out, I voluntarily requested that he be put in foster care temporarily. April 20th, 2005 is the day my life changed forever. I knew that this was the right thing to do. And I donyt regret it. My mother has no right to say anythign about what’s going on. I am the mother and the ball is in MY court. She isn’t fit to take care of my son.

My mother abused me up until the day I left East New York(Brooklyn) on April 24th, 2004. To this day, my mother doesn’t even talk about it. When I needed her help, she FAILED to help or gave me half-a**ed help.

That’s what’s going on so far. I’ll psot more soon.

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