Being a cashier at Pathmark and a part-time student really doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time! Anyway, I’m doing OK at work. My till was short…again. I must be doing something wrong. I can’t understand how I was short by $4.00 one day and $25.18 short the next. I’m going to have a talk with ny manager. I might be wrong, but maybe the bookkeeper made a mistake and I’m paying for it. We’ll see.

My son Ezra is doing well. He understands more complex verbal commands and he walks a lot better. No more stiff legs!

My mother is trying to hit me up for money again. I can’t help her. I have bills and child support payments to pay. I can’t afford to give out my hard-earned money to someone who doesn’t deserve it. She needs to get a better job, ’cause the one she has now sucks. She made just a paltry $2,302 last year. I makem ore than she does. I see a future with my job. My mom can’t say the same thing about hers.

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