Re: The Fragrant Jewels Affiliate Program

You’ve probably seen Fragrant Jewels’ website on the ‘Net or their ads on Craigslist…or maybe via the various safelists you may be a member of. However you came across Fragrant Jewels, you can’t deny that it’s a unique company. In every candle and bath bomb contains a ring that could be worth anywhere from $5 USD up to $10,000 USD. Their prices are reasonable and won’t “break the bank”. Think of the moment when you open a Cracker Jack box…only with Fragrant Jewels the prize is far more valuable.

I’m a member of a great affiliate program called Fragrant Jewels and I thought you might be interested in joining. Every candle and bath bomb has a ring hidden inside, along with a code which can be entered on the Fragrant Jewels website, where you can find out whether your ring is worth $5…or up to $10,000!

I’ve attached some proofs (seen below) just to show you how much you can make so you know it’s for real.Take a look at the site to check out their products:

It has come to my attention that Fragrant Jewels isn’t accepting new affiliate at this time, which I wasn’t aware of.

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