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I wrote these several months (and several years back). Originally published to my Writing.Com portfolio.

Looking Through the Glass Darkly

Looking through the glass darkly
Never knowing which way to go
It’s like the Abyss, with seemingly no end in sight
Misery and pain are my best friends

The Death Knell Has Sounded

What once was..will never be.

I put my whole being into this relationship.

I gave my heart, body and soul to you.

All I got was emptiness, lies and broken promises

Why did I put my faith into you?
Why did you hurt me so bad?

I tried to make it work, tried to love you the way you wanted me to..but alas, my heart fell short.

Will I ever find true love?

Most importantly, am I even capable of loving anyone else?

We can never be together.

We can never be one.

What once was…what could’ve been…will never be.

The Death Knell has sounded, we are no longer one
The Death Knell has sounded, we are no more

a Tale of Two Lost Lovers: The Parting

This is only part of a short story I’m writing. It’s a work in progress.

He stood there in the doorway, tears rolling down his handsome face, him pleading for me not to go but I didn’t want to hear him. We had been together for 7 years and had 4 children together: Kara, 2 years old and Beryl who is 6 months old. We also had twin boys (Grayson and Harrold) on the way, due in 7 months. Devon DeShazer and I had been together for 5 years, meeting at a dating meetup group that a mutual friend of ours runs once a week. We were friends for a year before he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I was a bit surprised that he asked and told him I’d think about it, but got back to him the next say and told him yes. Devon DeShazer is an Italian business man living on the South Shore of Nassau County, in Oyster Bay and we live together…or USED TO. I thought our relationship was pretty dandy! Thomas and I had lots in common, we hardly ever argued and he loved me and our kids to pieces.

7 months ago, we hired a nanny named Ella from Italy to take care of our children, so we could have some alone time and when I needed some time to myself. I had no clue what they were doing behind my back and had no reason to suspect anything. 7 months into her employment, I get a knock on my door late at night, around 2am.

Only myself was home. Devon was out of town for work, my kids were with their grandmother for the weekend and the nanny was off for the weekend. But when I finally got to the door, no one was there…but a large manila envelope sitting on the top step. I nervously looked around, picked up the envelope and hurried inside, locking the door behind me. I sat down on the sofa and carefully opened the envelope…and cried out in anger! There my fiancé was…having sexual relations with our nanny! At the hospital with their newborn son. Leading a double life behind my back.

I knew what I had to do. I immediately called my grandmother and told her what had happened. She told me, “Take the kids, confront him and then leave town, head to Uncle Harrold’s in Durham, North Carolina until you can get yourself together. Your family comes first, not Devon anymore. HE made his bed, let him and his whore lie in it.”

And now it all comes to a head…to this very moment. We both standing across from one another, for perhaps the final time. I threw him the photos, he looked at them and asked, “Who sent you these?!?!”
“Does it matter? You’re busted.” I turned to leave and “Baby don’t go! It was a mist…” I whipped around and said, “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT! YOU CHOSE TO CHEAT! YOU MADE YOUR BED, NOW YOU MUST LIE IN IT AND SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES! GOOD LUCK IN TRYING TO GET CUSTODY BECAUSE I’LL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER DO!”

Thankfully the kids were in the truck asleep (unbeknownst to Devon). He came up to me but I slapped him before he could touch me and ran to my car, locking myself inside. I revved the engine and sped away, not looking back behind me.

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