My Life Purpose Personified

Nearly 2 years ago I became a Certified Life Coach through Steve G. Jones’ Fast-Track Life Coach program. I was at a turning point in my life and I made a decision to purchase the program. It was eye-opening and I’m very thankful that I joined because I can use my certification (along with my gifts) to make the world a better place. I know that I can be a bit blunt at times, but I do mean well. I’m very passionate when it comes to being a voice for the disadvantaged. Many don’t like me because I’m a truth seeker and at this point in my life…it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me. As I mentioned before, I’m gifted and I can tell almost immediately if someone has good intentions (or not). People may think I’m crazy and an attention seeker but my main and only priority is the People. I live for and stand for those who don’t have a voice, who are being abused and can’t speak for themselves.


I was told by a pastor several years ago that I was meant to live, to be a beacon of hope. I was born to be a rebel, a born Mover and a Shaker. I didn’t come into this world to be like everyone else. For many years I didn’t know what my Life Purpose was…but now that I’ll be 35 on 6/1/2018, I KNOW why I was born: to be a beacon of hope for those who have no voice. I was incarnated into this world to be a servant for the people. I am unconventional, nontraditional and I make no apologies for who and what I am. I am an Empath. A strong Empath. I’m going to be my authentic self until the day I die.

I’ll be posting a picture of my AUNLP Life Coach Certificate as soon as I get it in the mail.


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