I Will Give You a $199 Benefactor Voucher FREE!

Earlier this month, I was invited to join Vortex Marketing Group. It’s a hot new business that I’m pretty sure will be a smash hit.

“I think I finally “caught the big one!”

I joined an online marketing team called the Vortex
Group and they promised they would build a sales organization
below me. I was skeptical at first but here is what has happened:

1. I enrolled during the pre-launch phase (still going!)
2. The company offered a free benefactor enrollment option
3. My team is now growing by hundreds of people every week (the company is attracting them!)
4. The company gave ME benefactor vouchers that I can give to people I know.

I want you to have one of these benefactor positions!

****** NO COST TO YOU OR ME! ******

This will not cost you a cent and the upside is very exciting
based on what I am observing. Here is what is happening in a “nut shell”:

1. In 2002 two entrepreneurs started an online technology marketing company
2. In 2004 this company began to attract industry leaders
3. In 2005 this company decided to build a V-LINE (power line) to pre launch
multiple multi-tier pay out systems.
4. In 2005 this company allotted 10,000+ benefactor slots (They gave me some to give out)
5. In 2005-2006 this company will reach 50,000 online affiliates.


This is your chance to go with me and not be left behind. I am NOT asking
for ANY financial commitment, NONE at all, just your time.

I am going to offer these benefactor vouchers to the many leads this company
is giving me however I would rather have you on board with me first.

What better way to tell more people about this great opportunity than with a blog? I’ve always wanted to have one of my own, but never got to it. Everyone else has one, why not me?

Anyway, if you want to join in on the action, here’s what you have to do:

Go to http://www.benefactorvoucher.com/activate and enter the following voucher code: BV-055B

After you enroll you will be directed to a series
of pages that will describe the company, the product
line etc.

For your information the company is a technology marketing
company that has a computer that we will market that
comes with marketing software installed. Additionally
this company is in the VOIP business. We will market
a unique Voice Over Internet program that will enable
people to speak to each other all over the world, FREE
of charge. This is the technology that was featured on
the CBS Market Watch show recently.

This is going to be a fast growing businesses (It already

I am offering you a chance to join my team at an UPGRADED
level in the company (SILVER), free of charge.

I will give you 48 hours to take this Voucher. Follow the
instructions above or simply email me if you do not
want this voucher and I will assign it to someone else.

The time is now. Sign up now, I will answer any questions


Warm regards



I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress.

Silver Founding Affiliate

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