Ending 2017 with a Bang. Hello to 2018 the Year of Opportunity


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2017 was a bumpy year for me. It was filled with pain, depression and feeling like nothing would ever change. I was living in a place that wasn’t healthy for me emotionally and physically. I will never live in an all-female boarding house ever again in my life. So many fights, stealing and cattiness/pettiness. And the bad thing about it was that management was useless. Despite being told not to break the rules several times, women still did it and EVERYONE had to pay the consequences for the actions of ONE person.

If it wasn’t for the efforts of my amazing boyfriend, I would still be in that boarding house, spending the holidays alone among people I disliked and had nothing in common with. I had been dating a man that I thought was The One For Me, but he turned out to be that infamous Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. His family didn’t like me because I was poor and his sister considered herself the Spanish version of the Brady Bunch (her words, not mine).

I found out a lot of things about him that I didn’t like. No sane and loving man would constantly accuse you of cheating and lying. I mean several times a week, I was being accused of cheating and talking to other men. If I didn’t text him all day, I was cheating. If I didn’t answer a text or phone call right away, I was accused of talking to someone else. I was also dealing with my mental health and CPTSD and my mistake was staying in the relationship when the red flags went up. “I’m jealous because I love you” was what really had me fuming. Jealousy has absolutely NO PLACE IN A RELATIONSHIP! He finally admitted that his ex girlfriend cheated on him and was constantly comparing me to her (thinking that I’d cheat and leave him for someone that was more sexually compatible). I left anyway because I got tired of the crappy treatment and it’s taken me nearly a year to heal from this.

I moved in with my boyfriend who was living with a “friend” whom turned out to be a nasty, dirty bird female. I know that doesn’t sound nice, but there’s no nice way to describe a thief, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a horrible person. I thought that I could trust her, but found out that she wanted to **** my boyfriend and put me out on the street so she could keep all his money. She thought she’s all that…when she’s really not. Sad thing about this situation is that her kids lose out. This “friend” was (and still is) jealous of me because I’m pretty, smart and a loving/caring/compassionate and empathetic person whom cares about those around her. Qualities that she lacks and never will have. She considers me her “sister’, when even my half-sisters wouldn’t do some of the dirty crap she’s done to me and other people. I don’t tolerate BS, childishness or rudeness of any kind and I refuse to now, or ever. If you disrespect me, expect me to call you out on it.

I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for nearly 6 months and he’s the most loving, caring giving person I’ve ever been with. No other man can come into comparison to him, not even my ex “J” whom I though I’d spend the rest of my life with. My boyfriend “F” has done so much for me, built me up when I thought I would crumble from the past traumas I suffered. We’ve had our tough patches and still dealing with some issues from his past…but we’re going through them together as a couple. We plan on getting married next year when we move off Long Island (exact move date is TBD). He’s much older than me, but I always said age is nothing but a number. So what if he’s over 20 years older than me? We have a lot in common and anyone that knows me me well, knows I’ve always been unconventional who drums to her own beat. My mother expressed some concern but seems to be dealing with my relationship well. Once I get permission from my boyfriend, I’ll post a picture of us on Facebook.

As I was told many times over the course of my life, dirty and dishonest people will eventually have to pay for their misdeeds. No deed goes unpunished or unseen. What happens in the dark will soon come into the light. It may happen quick, or it may take a while. But when the truth comes out, the person who did wrong can’t point the finger and blame anyone for their actions. I couldn’t understand for many years why evil people got away with their actions, but it wasn’t until I hit my 30’s that I realized that no one truly gets away with anything. There’s always a price to pay for a misdeed. It’s only a matter of time before the piper starts calling their name.

I’m going to conclude this post with my plans for 2018. I’ve started delving myself in a few businesses (La Bella Baskets being one of them) and making moves to restart my eBay business as well as go back to school part time. I am in the process of learning about advanced SEO, sales funnels, capture pages, and other ways I can make more sales. The key isn’t chasing money, but knowing how to use the knowledge you acquire smartly so that you’re not chasing money…but allowing money to come to you. That’s the main thing my former landlord has failed to realize and it shows. Sad, but no longer my concern. I’m making power moves, moves that will better my life and the lives of my family.




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