Embarrassing Stories

I know there are quite a few people out there who have embarrassing stories out there they’d like to tell…or not. I have two that stick out in my mind:

The first one is one that happened to me back in 2001. I came over to my grandmother’s house on a Friday like I usually did and noticed she had Oreo cookies sitting out on the living room table. I was hungry so I went and ate a few. They tasted minty so I assumed it was a new flavor. All of a sudden, my grandmother started laughing out loud and went into the back of her apartment. I looked at her like, “What the…” And continued to eat them. I get a call not that long afterwards that the filling wasn’t a new flavor…BUT MINT TOOTHPASTE! Boy, was I upset…and embarrassed! This is the first time I’m publicly telling this story. I know for sure someone is going to laugh at me (Lol!)

The next one is one that someone close to me told. I will not say who it was but it’s a short one. A woman got a plant from someone, watered it for 5 days…but discovered it was made from wax! Ummm, I imagined that she was quite embarrassed about this. I would know immediately if someone tried to sell me an artificial plant. The person that told it to me never told me anything else about the incident…but I’m certain the person was embarrassed about what happened.

If you have any embarrassing stories you’d like to share with me, email them to kimbawiggins1983@gmail.com and I’ll post them on my blog.

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