Becoming a Vegan After WLS

It’s been nearly 12 years since I started on the plant-based lifestyle path. I admit I’ve fallen off the wagon several times and allowed myself to gain so much weight that I ended up having weight loss surgery on 2/28/17. Food addiction is real and I was addicted: to sweet drinks and other sugary foods. I was also a stress eater and I would eat when I was sad, happy, angry. I soon developed binge eating disorder and my life began to spiral downward.

People tried to help me, tried to steer me in the right direction to help me correct my eating habits but my addiction had a hold of me. It wasn’t until 2016 that I took my health seriously. The final straw was when I left an Old Navy store crying because nothing in their store fit. I knew then it was time for me to make a change. I called Long Island Bariatric in Riverhead, NY and the rest is history.

Fast forward to December 2017. After nearly a year of consideration, I’ve decided to become a vegan again. I know it will be a challenge, but I’m a Living on Live Food Raw Vegan Chef. I know how to cook (and uncook). With all this knowledge, there’s no excuse for me to be eating unhealthy. It’s a struggle to eat right and I admit I’ve not been doing so. However, I will no longer beat myself up over my decisions and get back on track ASAP. I know that my decision will be better for my health and for the environment. I also realize that many won’t agree with my decision and that’s okay too. Everyone’s journey is different and I can’t please everyone.

I’ll post recipes and eventually videos of me preparing various vegan (and raw vegan) dishes. Will I make the jump back to raw veganism? Only time will tell. With my type of WLS (VSG) I have to be very careful in what I eat and how I prepare my food. For many people that have had weight loss surgery, salads are a no-no but so far I’ve had no issues with raw veggies. My surgeon actually encouraged me to eat more fruits and vegetables. I mostly eat bananas, apples and oranges, and occasionally watermelon.

Starting on Christmas Day (12/25/2017) I will update my blog 4 times a week (sometimes 5) and eventually include guest blog posts and interviews from various public figures. 2018 ill be my year to shine and to get my life back in order.

Happy Holidays!

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