About Me

My name is Kimba Wiggins and I am a creative thinker, writer and aspiring entrepreneur. I am from Brooklyn, NY and currently residing in New York City…The City That Never Sleeps. I love to write and have beenĀ  writing since the age of 13. I’m currently an Internet Researcher, and have been honing my skills as a Researcher since July 1997 (17 years). I am also an eBay seller and currently taking HTML/HTML courses on Udemy and 2 other sites to better myself professionally and personally. I recently returned to college after an 8 year hiatus.

I have been involved with computers and the Web since 1997 and Blogging since 2005. The experience I’ve gained over the past 18 years came from years of unrelenting study, dedication and sacrifice. Here is an overview of my skill sets and abilities:

  • Extensive knowledge of internet search engines
  • Strong internet and computer application skills
  • Strong analysis skills when researching data
  • Sound computer skills needed for preparing reports, graphs, and other documents
  • Exceptional communication and eloquent in speech and writing
  • Has nearly 20 years of experience with using the Web
  • Advanced Experience with the Blogger and WordPress blog platform
  • Proficient in writing creative and thought provoking fiction stories

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